Special Guest Artists:

Juan Eduardo Wolf and the Américas Ensemble

World Music Specialist Juan Eduardo Wolf brings a wealth of experience and passion to the stage, enriching the Music of the Americas concert experience with his deep connection to the music and cultures of Latin America. Born in Santiago, Chile but raised in the US, he learned his first cueca strums on the guitar from his mother while in high school. Since then, he has used music and dance to both understand his roots and share the richness and complexity of Latin American culture with others. He has done research in the Andean highlands, the Amazonian lowlands, as well as Pacific coast and Caribbean cities. 

Wolf will lead the Américas Ensemble, a talented group of musicians accompanying the choir with instruments appropriate to the many musical styles demonstrated in this concert:

Rafael Arias  

Music was part of Rafael Arias’s everyday life when growing up. Born in Otavalo, Ecuador, through music, Arias had the opportunity to visit many countries and play in many venues. He specializes in Andean music but also plays a variety of other styles and genres. Arias plays the charango, guitar, mandolin, and various wind instruments including the rondador, zampoña, and quena.     

Reilly Gault

Reilly Gault, a Dynamic young percussionist, passionately explores rhythms from around the globe with a focus on the rich traditions of the African diaspora. He accompanied the ECC last year in the Missa Gaia, and he is earning himself fans and endorsements through his various social media channels. 

Ricardo Llamas

For nearly 30 years, Ricardo Llamas has been moving through the Eugene music scene playing bass to experience all the Willamette Valley has to offer.  Besides the funk, soul, rock, country, and Americana, he came to play, he has supported visiting musicians from Mexico, Spain, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Hawaii and more.

Just announced:

Fish Martinez |  Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians   

Fish Martinez, a member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians with Shasta, Shasta Costa, Yurok, Modoc, Mescalero Apache, and Azteca heritage, will join the Music of the Americas concert for a Native American presentation that includes drumming and singing. Martinez is an educator of 25 plus years: Infant, Wobbler, Toddler, Preschool, HeadStart, K-12th.  As a hip hop emcee, he works with youth via Beats, Lyrics, Leaders as a mentor and a member of the Hip Hop Congress, working with youth that are incarcerated, on probation or a member of the BeatsLyricsLeaders.com community chapter. 

Born in Eugene, Oregon, he is a former student of Magnet Arts in Eugene.